University of York secures nearly $1.3M for bioeconomy research

February 17, 2020 |

In the UK, a project using waste from pea processing to clean water is one of seven projects which have just received funding from the THYME project to boost the region’s bioeconomy. These projects join 13 THYME projects already funded in 2019, bringing the total research funded by the project to almost £1 million (nearly $1.3 million).

The University of York – in collaboration with the University of Hull and farmers R Meadley & Sons – is using crop waste from pea production for the production of small particle materials that can then be used in the treatment of waste water.

After harvesting, pea waste that is not needed to fertilise the soil will be converted into nano-celluloses and nano-carbons to potentially clean waste water. Scientists also plan to extract lipids, waxes, and pectins from the pea biomass adding to economic value of this resource. These can be extracted and used back in food, home and personal care products.

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