Sekab to demo GOLDILOCKS technology with Vertoro

March 9, 2020 |

In Sweden, a new demo plant in Örnsköldsvik will be the first in the world to produce a 2G platform for sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials, coined GOLDILOCKS, from pulp and paper industry residues. The plant will be built by the Swedish chemical and clean tech company Sekab together with the Dutch oil company Vertoro.

Sekab and Vertoro have begun the construction of a demonstration facility in Örnsköldsvik. In the plant, biomass, lignin or residues from the paper and pulp and forestry industry will be converted into Goldilocks®, a proprietary blend of ethanol and soluble lignin oligomers, which is unique in the world. In existing plants, only one type of biofuel can be produced, while bio-based crude oil can be refined into a variety of biofuels, chemicals and materials in already existing oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

Production is expected to start in about a year and deliver biofuel to the shipping sector as a first off take for this lignin ethanol oil product.

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