Syngenta and Amoeba launch a targeted research phase in agricultural biocontrol products

April 19, 2020 |

In France, Amoeba, a pioneer of amoeba- based technologies for the biocide and plant protection markets signed an evaluation and testing agreement with Syngenta, one of the world’s leaders in agriculture. In response to the growing demand for effective and sustainable solutions against fungal diseases, Syngenta will test different concepts based on Amoeba’s Willaertia magna C2c Maky amoeba lysate.

Amoeba’s proprietary biocontrol technology will be integrated into exhaustive Syngenta trial protocols, to be conducted at several sites across Europe. Upon successful completion of this evaluation phase, the two parties could explore possible co-development and commercialization options for this novel technology.

“During the last few weeks, the growing interest in our biocontrol solution has materialized in the form of several partnerships for the evaluation of our amoeba lysate. New, alternative technologies against pathogens are currently in high demand, driven by the increasing need of new modes of action. We have demonstrated, through proprietary trials, the efficacy of our solution on vine downy mildew, potato late blight and bean rust. These new partnerships with global leaders enable Amoeba to develop new formulations and broaden the range of possible applications.” Explains Fabrice Plasson, Chairman and CEO of Amoéba.

Amoéba points out that the company is still in the testing phase for its biocide and biocontrol applications and does not currently market any products.

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