ABLC Digital line-up, DigestConnect community launch, BioChannel.TV expansion announced

June 24, 2020 |

In Florida, the Digest unveiled its new DIGESTCONNECT Digital Community, and complete plans for ABLC Digital, which takes place July 7-10, 2020. More than 100 speakers, 1600 slides, 500+ participants already registered. 

The Digest also unveiled its expanded BioChannel.TV ASIA and BioChannel.TV EUROPE services that will stream more than 20 hours of ABLC Digital content in business hours all over the world.

The Complete Guide to this major Digest and ABLC expansion is detailed in a 136-page guide to ABLC Digital, Network Like Crazy, which is available online here in The Digest’s Multi-Slide Guide to ABLC Digital. (The Guide is available in  a one-click download to registered ABLC delegates, who have received the link)

The Digest noted to ABLC delegates:

This July 7th, no matter what you’ve experienced before, you’re about to take Networking to the Next Level. From the opening minutes, you’ll be in a fast-paced environment where all you have to do is click to be connected digitally to any speaker on the ABLC stage.

The Multi-Slide Guide to ABLC Digital

The ABLC Digital Guide is indispensable, and it’s here. It has:

The Digital Event

ABLC Digital begins July 7th at 8 am and continues through to July 10th at 6pm.  The Digest will stream 4 hours of content on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurdsday and 11 hours of content on Friday, free to any viewer on any device, anywhere, via BioChannel.TV.

BioChannel.TV EUROPE
BioChannel.TV ASIA

Also there are encore broadcasts throughout July, which will stream on BioChannel TV on the same daily schedule, July 14-17, and July 21-24.

The Lounges

ABLC Digital includes a Daily Digest Lounge (12-1230 and 430-530 daily) where delegates can meet informally in a hosted Zoom-chat environment — the Digest hosting is there to stimulate dialogue and deep connection between industry players.

Selected ABLC sponsors and speakers will also feature in a series of VIP Lounges the week of July 13th, which feature smaller gatherings and more focused dialogue around advanced technology and emerging markets.

The DIGESTCONNECT community 

The DigestConnect community is a robust social media platform for the bioeconomy based on groups, person-to-person connections, private messaging, and acts as a guide and networking platform for and to the advanced bioeconomy’s leadership.  

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