Cannabinoid cups, pineapple leaf drone frames, Chipotle’s avocado waste for clothing, lab-grown bacon taste testers, and more: The Digest’s Top 8 Innovations for the week of August 14th

August 13, 2020 |

Imagine sitting on the beach with a bioplastic cup with micro-encapsulated, water soluble cannabinoids printed on the cups so the actives and flavors are released when it comes in contact with water, soda, or other liquids. Or how about clothing dye made from Chipotle’s avocado pit waste from its guacamole supply chain to go with your algae-derived flip flops? Don’t forget your drone with pineapple-leaf frame that comes with a higher strength to weight ratio compared to plastic!

In today’s Digest, whether you are on the beach or not, these innovative developments are sure to make you smile, even if you don’t get picked to be one of Mission Barns’ 100 new lab-grown bacon taste testers, plus some pandemic related innovations like Canada’s forest-fiber face mask filters or a Russian student’s gelatin and sawdust bioplastic discovery in their home lab, and more!

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