Montreal startup claims victory in race to fermentation-based cannabidiol production

October 5, 2020 |

In Montreal, biotech firm Hyasynth says it is the first to sell cannabidiol produced by yeast fermentation.

The technology eliminates the need for traditional cultivation and extraction and provides more sustainable and consistent cannabidiol. It also takes less than a week to complete, 12 times faster than cannabidiol extraction from cannabis or hemp.

“Our head start in this area was a key factor in us being the first to reach commercial sale of CBD and CBDa produced from a reliable and sustainable source,” said Kevin Chen, CEO of Hyasynth. “We’ve assembled an excellent team of researchers, built an IP portfolio across many cannabinoids, and our production & sale achievement is one of the last checkpoints before we make our solution available worldwide.” The company is in the process of scaling up its CBD and CBDa production process to industrial volumes and aims to deliver scaled production in 2021.

The company says it is looking for commercialization partners.

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