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October 28, 2020 |


Lygos’s cannabinoids gambit

In California, Lygos has launched Lygos CBx, a Lygos company and new website focused on delivering a wide range of high-quality, pure and sustainable non-plant-based cannabinoids. Lygos CBx is a result of the combination of Librede, the recently acquired NIH-funded biosynthetic company, and the integration of key Lygos technology advances. Recent validation projects have demonstrated the company’s ability to produce a variety of cannabinoids and cannabinoid-based products in an environmentally safe, sustainable and cost-effective manner for commercial applications.

What’s happening now, and next: Lygos CBx utilizes its novel production pathway to provide a high-performance alternative to agricultural-based cannabinoid production. The company currently offers a full menu of common, rare or novel cannabinoids, along with leading bulk supply, formulation, custom synthesis, and efficacy services to help meet the particular needs of its current and future customers in the consumer products and pharmaceuticals industries. Lygos CBx is actively engaging new partnerships and expects to make additional co-development and commercialization announcements before the end of the year.

The backstory: Lygos CBx’ bio-based production platform features important quality control measures that ensure pure, consistent and replicable ingredients over time. The technology produces precise, specific and isolated cannabinoids, and avoids issues of separation and purification compared to plant-based production. The modular platform is able to produce a variety of both acidic and decarboxylated forms. In addition to the production of natural molecules, the same modular platform can also create cannabinoid-like derivatives for pharmaceutical applications that target the human endocannabinoid system.

Why Big? Cannabinoids are white-hot, and Lygos just took a huge step in a big game.

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