Neutral Fuels launches mobile app to better control UCO for McDonald’s

November 4, 2020 |

In the UAE, Neutral Fuels has created a bespoke mobile app to enable tighter control of the collection and delivery of used cooking oil for its flagship UAE customer, McDonald’s.

Thousands of liters of used oil are collected from McDonald’s Dubai restaurants every day and delivered to the Neutral Fuels refinery. Here, the waste oil is processed into Net Zero biofuel for McDonald’s UAE and other customers, creating a self-sufficient closed loop for the city-scale Neutral Fuels operation.

Since 2011, the McDonald’s UAE logistics vehicle fleet has driven exclusively on 100% Net Zero biofuel made from its own waste oil processed by Neutral Fuels. In 2019 alone, the company reduced its carbon emissions by 2,405,862 kilograms.

The new mobile app was developed by another company within The Neutral Group, Neutral Software based in New Zealand. Neutral Fuels supplies locked-down GPS aware tablets to McDonald’s drivers each morning together with that day’s collection information, correlated to the truck being driven. Drivers collect full ROCs from many different stores during the course of a day, and supply empty replacement ROCs for each one.

All along the supply chain, delivery and collection records are agreed and approved between driver, restaurant manager and the Neutral Fuels refinery, enabling admin staff at Neutral Fuels HQ to manage deliveries on a ROC by ROC basis or in bulk. Alerts are raised if the quantity of oil received is different from the quantity collected, and if all ROCs are not present.

Once a delivery is complete, a detailed receipt is emailed to McDonald’s UAE enabling an overview of the entire process and flagging up alerts before they become problems. It includes the condition of each ROC which enables both companies to ensure ongoing quality.

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