Advanced Biofuels Canada releases detailed modeling of Clean Fuel Standard

November 25, 2020 |

In Canada, Advanced Biofuels Canada (ABFC) released detailed expert modelling of Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) after implementation of the liquid fuel class CFS regulations in 2022. Four scenarios were defined to profile market demand for and use of biofuels in Canada, and to evaluate the feasibility, cost, and economic growth potential of the CFS regulations.

Results, based on the defined scenario frameworks, establish significant potential to increase production and use of advanced biofuels in Canada. In all scenarios, the CFS is expected to create minimal change in liquid fuel markets in the early years of the regulation (2022-2025), allowing time for new investments to expand advanced biofuels production capacity and upgrade infrastructure assets to support distribution of low carbon fuel blends to Canadian consumers. Market use of the primary biofuels modeled (biodiesel, hydrogenation-derived renewable diesel (HDRD), and ethanol) increases gradually over time and, by 2030, remains comparable to established blend rates in other regulated fuel markets (e.g., British Columbia, California, United States, Europe, Brazil). 

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