Ontario sets roadmap to E15 ethanol blending

December 2, 2020 |

In Ontario, the provincial government amended its clean fuel regulations under the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan to gradually increase renewable fuel content to 15 percent renewable content in gasoline goal by 2030. According to the final rule, “the increase to the renewable content in gasoline will support the biofuel and agriculture sectors in their long-term economic recovery from COVID-19, create jobs in rural communities, and help reduce Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions.”  Ontario currently requires 10 percent renewable content in gasoline and is the first province in Canada to implement a 15 percent blending requirement in gasoline. RICanada estimates the province’s move to 15 percent ethanol blending (E15) will increase the annual economic impact of the locally produced biofuel by approximately $1.2B to a total of $3.7B. At the same time, ethanol, with its high-octane value, lowers the price of gasoline, helping consumers save money at the fuel pump.

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Category: Fuels

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