Swedish researchers show forest residues can significantly decarbonize heavy transport

February 2, 2021 |

In Sweden, new research from the University of Gävle shows that forest residues can generate large amounts of biofuel, and, in the long run, reduce greenhouse gas emission by 88-94% from heavy transport on Swedish roads. 

Heavy transport today generates a significant part of Swedish greenhouse gas emission. Biofuels make up 21% of the total fuel consumption in the Swedish transport sector. The use of biofuels has been criticized, for example when oil palms, used abroad to produce biofuels, have been planted at the expense of rain forests and sensitive ecosystems.

However, it would be possible to significantly increase the proportion of biofuels within the transport sector without increasing the strain on the environment and the climate, according to a recent article from University of Gävle.

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