Clean Planet Energy launches waste plastic-based jet fuel

February 22, 2021 |

In the UK, Clean Planet Energy has announced ‘Clean Planet Air’, the certified Kerosene / Jet Fuel can be used as a direct replacement for the fossil-fuel equivalent, yet it reduces CO2 emissions by a minimum of 75% in comparison, whilst removing thousands of tons of waste-plastics from the environment every year. 

Clean Planet Energy’s mission is to remove over 1 million tonnes of waste-plastics from the environment every year, and we achieve this by launching ecoPlants which convert this plastic into new products, including ultra-clean fuels and petrochemical feedstocks to make new circular-plastics. 

With the first two plants already underway in the UK, and another 4 in development, Clean Planet Energy are currently scaling their ecoPlant pipeline, working with Local Authorities around the UK and Europe to provide a revenue-generating solution. Clean Planet have already introduced a certified, premium, ultra-clean & zero-sulphur Diesel fuel which meets the top EU EN15940 specifications; in addition to further fuels which directly substitute the fossil-fuel requirements for large Marine vessels (e.g. Cruise & Freight ships). This latest announcement now means Clean Planet cover almost all major road, sea and air transport fuel types.

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