BASF announces two biosurfactant deals

March 15, 2021 |

In Germany, chemicals giant BASF has entered into two partnerships in the biobased surfactants space. 

A strategic alliance with biomass-based surfactants producer Allied Carbon Solutions Co., Ltd (Japan) includes an exclusive technology cooperation, commercial agreement and product development for sophorolipids, one class of glycolipids. The deal includes an unspecified equity stake that makes BASF its largest shareholder. 

In a prior collaboration with ACS, BASF developed a novel sophorolipid-based ingredient, produced via fermentation technology, and launched it in the Asian market under the brand name BioToLife™ in the second quarter of 2020. BioToLife™ has unique properties such as curbing the overgrowth of some harmful microbials and excellent cleansing, hence restoring an environment which supports the formation of a balanced micro-ecosystem in skin, scalp or oral care application. While the first product is already available, ACS and BASF will deepen the collaboration with the focus to develop a range of formulations based on sophorolipids with targeted performance.

A separate deal with Holiferm Ltd, UK will see the two companies co-develop a process for fermentation-derived ingredients for other classes of glycolipids. 

 “While BASF already has solid innovation and production capabilities for surfactants, we are always scouting for opportunities to work with partners well-rooted in technologies which add to our strength in order to expand our product portfolio with additional biobased products,” said Ralph Schweens, President, Care Chemicals, BASF.

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