10 Biggest WOWs from Day 3 of ABLC

May 5, 2021 |

In Florida, day 3 of ABLC is now complete, with 15 more presentations — packed with hot topics. Dominating the stage? The Sustainable Aviation Summit, the RNG Summit and the Plastics and Materials Summit.

Here are the 10 biggest WOWs we saw on Day 3.

1. 95% lower emissions!

We had two companies originally spun out of George Huber’s lab on the ABLS stage today, both with startling stats, and this from the younger of the two, Pyran. CEO Kevin Barnett revealed that Pyran’s technology for producing biobased 1,5 pentanediol (PDO) reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 95 percent compared to fossil fuel processes. In a world where, as we showed yesterday, up to 70 percent of the value of a molecule can be in the carbon reduction, that’s huge news. 

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