Automakers’ support of low carbon fuels seen as validation of ethanol’s role in national fuel mix

June 29, 2021 |

In Washington, Clean Fuels Development Coalition (CFDC) called a recent letter from automakers in support of high octane low carbon fuels further validation that ethanol has a key role to play in protecting public health and increasing the efficiency of current and future vehicles.

In a letter to former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle who is the Chairman of the High Octane Low Carbon Alliance (HOLCA), the Alliance for Automotive Innovation (AAI) said liquid fuels will continue to be widely used well in to the future. AAI is the singular voice for the auto industry representing 38 companies producing 99 percent of the light duty vehicles sold in the Unites States.

The Alliance wrote “Gasoline will continue to play a vital role in transportation for years to come. The use of high octane low carbon liquid fuels would simultaneously support vehicle performance, including fuel economy, and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Such benefits would be realized by new and existing internal combustion engines and therefore should be encouraged as additional solutions as soon as possible to maximize environmental benefits across the fleet.”

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