Australian researchers to develop organic nitrogen fertilizer from aquatic cyanobacterial biomass

July 27, 2021 |

In Australia, while agricultural production around the world struggles with declining soil health, Australian researchers are investigating production of a sustainable organic nitrogen fertilizer made from aquatic cyanobacterial biomass—ideally suited for badly degraded areas reliant on chemical fertilizers. 

Scientists in Australia, US and Europe are testing a new biofertilizer made from a fast-growing freshwater cyanobacterium Tolypothrix, which can fix nitrogen from the atmosphere without the need for additional nitrogen fertilization, making the biomass inexpensive to produce compared to alternative microalgal and macroalgal biofertilizers.

This form of non-toxic blue-green algae can be cultivated in freshwater, and even slightly saline or industrial wastewater such as from coal-fired power stations, the research team has found. Capturing biofuel may also be used to offset production costs.

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