HYCO1 develops proprietary catalyst and process for CO2-based products

August 18, 2021 |

In Texas, carbontech innovator HYCO1 has developed a proprietary catalyst and process technology that gives industrial companies a way to turn harmful CO2 waste into high value, sustainable products. Using HYCO1’s technology, industrial companies can quickly and drastically reduce their CO2 emissions with no upfront costs. HYCO1 is then able to convert those emissions into high purity gases that are in high demand for green chemical production. 

Turning CO2 emissions into low-cost, high-value products represents a sustainable and easily scalable investment opportunity. Using HYCO1’s technology, companies can convert millions of tons of CO2 per year into building block chemical gases that can be directly reused in industrial source processes or alternatively used to produce a wide range of low CI score products that the world uses. From food grade waxes and efficient motor oils, to paints, dyes, fertilizers and fuel, HYCO1 can create carbon-negative or carbon-neutral products at the same or higher quality than products made from petrochemicals.

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