Mycelium grill brings the “fun-guy” to the BBQ

September 13, 2021 |

In Switzerland, design student Stephanie Singer has created a biodegradable grill made from mycelium and other renewable materials. Dubbed MYC, the structural elements are fireproof and actually edible—but if BBQ attendees are full from the food cooked on the grill, the entire grill biodegrades and even fertilizes the surrounding area. 

“MYC consists of a bowl made of fungal mycelium, a grate made of bamboo sticks, and dried corn cobs as fuel,” Singer says. “The product is available as a compact grill kit and is protected by a minimalist cardboard cover. Dried corn cobs are used as fuel, as these are a waste product in the field in EU agriculture when growing fodder corn. As soon as the embers are ready, the bamboo sticks can easily be placed in the bulges on the side to create a grate.”

Singer invented MYC as a way to reduce the aluminum waste associated with small, cheap grills that are often used once and discarded.

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