Researchers highlight hemp as superfood, innovative source of vegetable protein

September 19, 2021 |

In Germany, University of Hohenheim researchers teamed up with Signature Products aiming to establish sustainable, regional value chains for hemp protein and to develop innovative processes, technologies and recipes for the production of protein-rich foods such as vegan schnitzel, tofu, pasta, etc. from regionally grown hemp.

In the project “SchniTzel, Hanftofu, PASTa & Co from the real-life hemp laboratory – protein-based foods from regional hemp cultivation” (TASTINO), the scientists and the Signature Products company now want to develop hemp seeds as a new source of protein for human nutrition.

“The seeds contain up to 25 percent protein, the composition of which is similar to that of egg white. It contains all the essential amino acids and therefore has a high biological value, ”says Dr. Forough Khajehei, member of the Cultivation Systems and Modeling group, discusses the benefits of hemp protein. “It is also easy to digest and has a desirable, chewy, meat-like texture that makes your mouth feel like you are biting meat.”

The scientists at the Institute for Crop Science at the University of Hohenheim are cooperating with one of the major hemp suppliers in Europe, which will initially test various technologies or business models under real conditions and bring them to market maturity in the form of a so-called real laboratory.

Ultimately, the project is intended to help close regional material cycles and meet the strong demand for high-quality, protein-based, regionally produced foods. Another goal is to increase the self-sufficiency of the population in Baden-Württemberg and to create sustainable jobs.

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