Sustainable sexy time: Biobased materials penetrate adult toy market

October 11, 2021 |

In Brooklyn, Vice Media has offered an in-depth review of various adult toys that are trying to create both pleasure and good “vibes” by incorporating renewable materials. 

One toy, dubbed Womanizer, uses biolene bioplastic and is fully biodegradable. As for performance, the Womanizer received a rating of four and a half eggplant emojis—losing half an eggplant for not being waterproof. 

Gaia’s entry on the list received four eggplants and is made of an undisclosed bioplastic. Melba Toys (also four eggplants) sticks with silicones but uses vegan, ethically sourced pigments. 

Natural Love’s SARO packs a punch with five emojis, but  stuck with the more traditional silicone construction and bases its eco-friendly claims on carbon offsets and recycled or renewable packaging.  

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