Embraer launches suite of renewable energy-powered aircraft concepts

November 11, 2021 |

In Brazil, Embraer announced a family of concept aircraft that it is exploring to help the industry achieve its goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The details of the Energia family, the latest in the company’s Sustainability in Action initiative, were broadcast live via YouTube from Embraer’s manufacturing facility in São José dos Campos. The company has partnered with an international consortium of engineering universities, aeronautical research institutes, and small and medium-sized enterprises to better understand energy harvesting, storage, thermal management and their applications for sustainable aircraft propulsion. The Energia Family is comprised of four concept aircraft of varying sizes that incorporate different propulsion technologies – electric, hydrogen fuel cell, dual fuel gas turbine, and hybrid-electric. 

• Energia Hybrid (E9-HE) • hybrid-electric propulsion • up to 90% CO2 emissions reduction • 9 seats • rear-mounted engines • technology readiness 

• Energia Electric (E9-FE) • full electric propulsion • zero CO2 emissions • 9 seats • aft contra-rotating propeller • technology readiness 

• Energia H2 Fuel Cell (E19-H2FC) • hydrogen electric propulsion • zero CO2 emissions • 19 seats • rear-mounted electric engines • technology readiness 

• Energia H2 Gas Turbine (E50-H2GT) • hydrogen or SAF/JetA urbine propulsion • up to 100% CO2 emissions reduction • 35 to 50 seats • rear-mounted engines • technology readiness 

Each aircraft is being evaluated for its technical and subsequent commercial viability.


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