Bright idea: Designer launches Kickstarter for biodegradable lamp

December 27, 2021 |

In Italy, design firm ZM Design Lab has created 100% biodegradable lamps using 3D printing and wood-based plastic filament.

The green gadget is called Puddy, a nod to both the lamp’s physical resemblance and reliability. “’Paddy’ recalls the iconic conical hat that rice farmers wear in Southeast Asia, to serve as protection from rain or sunlight. ‘Buddy’, on the other hand, stands for a close friend, a person with whom you have a friendly and trusting relationship, just how we designed Puddy lamp to be, like your buddy, made to last,” according to Puddy’s Kickstarter campaign. 

The lamp is held together by magnets instead of screws or joints, and manufacturing was designed without printer supports to limit waste.   

Puddy will set you back €189 ($213), and shipping is expected in April 2022. 

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