MIT spinoff Verdox secures $80M from Breakthrough Energy Ventures and others

February 15, 2022 |

In Massachusetts, Verdox, an electric carbon capture and removal company, announced $80 million in committed capital from a syndicate including Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), Prelude Ventures, and Lowercarbon Capital. The investment will be leveraged to develop and deploy the company’s novel electrochemical carbon capture technology. 

Verdox’s core technology was developed by Prof. T. Alan Hatton and Dr. Sahag Voskian at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Prof. Hatton now serves on the Scientific Advisory Board and Dr. Voskian is the company’s CTO. Prof. Hatton and Dr. Voskian rethought carbon removal by combining the efficiency of electrochemistry with the tunability of organic chemistry. This unique pairing allows for the targeted use of electrical energy to capture and release carbon dioxide at any concentration and unparalleled selectivity. Significantly, this approach eliminates the need for the large amounts of heat and water upon which current carbon dioxide removal solutions rely. The technology breakthrough was first published in 2019 in Energy & Environmental Science: “Faradaic electro-swing reactive adsorption for CO2 capture.” 

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