ABB to automate new bioplastics plant set to produce 75,000 tons of sustainable plastic per year

March 20, 2022 |

In Switzerland, ABB is to automate NatureWorks’ (world’s leading manufacturer of polylactic acid) new bioplastics plant in Thailand which will convert sugar cane to sustainable plastics. The plant – set to produce 75,000 tons of biopolymer per year – will ferment and distill plant-based sugars, converting the sugars first to lactic acid, then lactide and then polymerize them into Ingeo PLA.

Ingeo PLA is an eco-friendly, biobased material used in a wide-range of plastic and fiber products from compostable food packaging – coffee capsules, tea bags, food containers – to 3D printing filament, diapers, and even refrigerator liners.

Compared to traditional fossil-based polymers, manufacturing Ingeo produces approximately 80 percent less greenhouse gases and uses 52 percent less non-renewable energy.

Bioplastic manufacturing is expected to grow by over 260 percent by 2026; this project will make a major contribution towards this growth.

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