Ubrabio urges Brazil to set timeline for higher biodiesel blends immediately

April 28, 2022 |

In Brazil, the Brazilian Union of Biodiesel and Biokerosene (Ubrabio) was encouraged by the Minister of Mines and Energy (MME), Bento Albuquerque, who stated, on a recent trip to India, that Brazil will resume the trajectory of advancement of the blend of biodiesel, reaching the level of 15% (B15) in March 2023. Currently, the mix is at 10%, below the 14% (B14) forecast for 2022 by resolution of the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE).

In a letter sent to the MME this Wednesday the president of Ubrabio, Juan Diego Ferrés, congratulated Minister Bento Albuquerque for his commitment to resume the policy of blending biodiesel with mineral diesel and recalled that the sector is prepared to meet the production necessary to meet the CNPE goals. “We are convinced that the Biodiesel Sector, which has an idle capacity of more than 50% of its capacity, is ready to immediately supply B11 and, subsequently, increasing intermediate mixtures to reach B15, in March 2023”, he said in the letter.

Ubrabio suggested to the minister that he conduct with the CNPE the reestablishment of a schedule, as soon as possible, that allows as soon as possible the planning and return of the evolution of the increment of the biodiesel mixture, without any surprise. According to the letter from Ubrabio, the manifestation that the country will reach B15 in March 2023 opens a window of opportunity in the long-term trajectory for Brazil. For this, however, the biodiesel blending policy must be based on “predictability and gradualism”, “essential factors for the consolidation of economic opportunities with the generation of jobs, income and social sustainability added to the environmental one”.

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