Bee-free honey maker celebrates World Bee Day at bougie NYC eatery

May 23, 2022 |

In New York, plant-based honey producer MeliBio partnered with Eleven Madison Park, a pricey plant-based restaurant in Manhattan boasting three Michelin stars, to offer a four-course honey-themed lunch in honor of World Bee Day. 

According to MeliBio’s press release, invited guests joined from around the world, including over two-dozen conservation leaders, investors, government officials, and creators. 

“World Bee Day is the perfect occasion to reflect on the importance of bees for survival of humans and the entire Earth,” says MeliBio CEO and cofounder. “We at MeliBio think of bees every single day while building the better honey industry that finally gives bees a break and helps restore the bee biodiversity.” The event proves that “animal-free honey delivers on taste, nutrition, and applications in high-end food and beverage formulations,” he adds. 

World Bee Day is the world’s only day of awareness for bees. The vital pollinators face a staggering 90% population decline in recent years. 

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