Carbio calls on Argentine government to keep biodiesel blending at 12.5%

August 24, 2022 |

In Argentina, the Clarin newspaper reports that fter the expiration on August 16 of DNU 330/22, which was launched by the Government in the midst of a diesel shortage crisis and imposed an additional temporary 5% biodiesel blend, the Argentine Chamber of Biofuels (Carbio) requested the “permanent continuation” of the measure.

“The measure showed the benefits and feasibility of replacing imported diesel,” Carbio said.

Along with DNU 330/22, resolution 438/2022 of the Ministry of Energy had been published, which permanently raises the biodiesel cut from 5% established in law 27,640 to 7.5%. In this way, adding the transitory 5%, the cut had remained at 12.5%. The DNU empowers the enforcement authority to extend the measure for the duration of the exceptional situation that gave rise to it, with the aim of ensuring the supply of the domestic market.

As highlighted by Carbio, there are multiple international experiences that show the technical capacity of biodiesel to replace diesel in transportation, “in addition to its contribution to improving public health and the environment.”

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