Smooth (and sustainable) sailing with algae bioplastic boat

October 10, 2022 |

In Italy, Furf Design Studio and designer Cesar Pieri have created a sailboat concept with a transparent, algae-based bioplastic hull and internal structures and fabrics made from plastic trash collected from the ocean. 

Dubbed Second Sun, the emphasis on sustainability and transparent elements aims to reinforce the connection between the sailor and the sea. A round, yellow mainsail invokes a second sun to inspire a more sustainable future, according to Furf and Pieri’s submission to designboom. 

“Diving into the functionality of the sailboat, it is inspired by famous America’s Cup sailboats and circular winged aircraft where the avant-garde wing-shaped sail turns and curves to increase or decrease thrust,” according to the publication. “Second Sun is an iconic sailboat developed with the hope to bring more light for a conscious future.”

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