Boeing explores ways to transition fleets to 100% SAF

November 23, 2022 |

In India, local news site Mint reported that Boeing is currently exploring what it will take to transition airlines’ current fleet to 100% sustainable aviation fuel.

While Boeing has committed that all aircraft from 2030 will be capable and certified to fly on 100% SAF, it is exploring ways to fly the existing fleet on SAF. “Imagine that if there is something required for the older aircraft to accept a 100% SAF it will have the same process where you are getting an upgrade to the airplane or fuel system if required,” Ryan Faucett, director, environmental strategy, Boeing Co., said.

According to the report, Boeing is assessing technical solutions to improve airframes or engines for more efficiency with the aim of converting an aircraft’s ability to run on 100% SAF, via a component fix.

The aircraft manufacturer is also considering solutions where fuel properties in a high-blend green fuel can compensate for the blend limit in an aircraft. 

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