The Digest’s 2023 Multi-Slide Guide to Sustainable SAF from Corn

January 18, 2023 |

The SAF Grand Challenge is vast. It sets out to achieve a minimum 50% reduction in lifecycle GHG emissions compared to conventional aviation fuel, increase SAF output to 3 billion gallons per year by 2030, achieve SAF output of 35 billion gallons per year by 2050, to meet complementary ESG commitments from major passenger and cargo airlines. It’s going to come from forestry residue, pulp and paper waste, municipal solid waste, animal fats, vegetable oils, algal oils, agricultural residues and processing waste, animal waste/manure, waste gases, oilseed crops, cellulosic crops, sugar crops, starch crops, and more. What’s the role of corn and starch? Nathan Danielson of BioCognito, Sara McKay of the National Corn Growers Association and Kelly Davis of the Renewable Fuels Association presented these slides at ABLC Next 2022.

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