Corman and Tosama set to launch bioplastic tampon applicator

May 22, 2023 |

In Italy, medical supplies company Corman has codeveloped a bioplastic tampon applicator in collaboration with Slovenian sanitary supply firm, Tosama.

The applicators, which are made by injection-molding waste from wheat, corn and sugarcane, took a decade to develop and will be sold under the Organyc brand, beginning in the third quarter.

“Tosama is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tampons. And while creating 100% certified organic cotton tampons was achieved many years ago, achieving the same level of sustainability with a plastic applicator presented a challenge,” Mojca Šimnic Šolinc Director of Tosama, told Nonwovens Industry. “In business it’s ideal to move fast, but when creating something totally new and so important to the earth, applying patience and partnership is the key.”

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