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24-7 Van Lines upgrades entire fleet to biodiesel engines

In California, 24-7 Van Lines announced that their entire fleet has been upgraded with more energy efficient and environmentally friendly bio-diesel engines. The engines burn cleaner than standard diesel engines and also increase the mile-per-gallon ratio, thus reducing the cost of moving—a savings that is passed onto the commercial and residential customers of the company.

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Argentine biodiesel exports soar 14.5 times year-on-year

In Argentina, biodiesel exports soared to 118,100 metric tons in May, a whopping 14.5 times the biodiesel exported during May last year and 141% higher than in April. The boost in exports is a direct result of the government cutting export duties retroactively to March to 11% from 21% previously.  Biodiesel production for Carbio members […]

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Hong Kong commissions study to boost biodiesel use

In Hong Kong, the government is commissioning a cost-benefit study looking at expanding the use of biodiesel, including a potential mandate. The study will also look at ways to ensure the biodiesel supplied is sustainable. The study should be completed during the second quarter of 2015 while a potential mandate as seen as still years […]

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Brazil extends temporary biodiesel blend increase another 60 days

In Brazil, the provisional increase of the biodiesel blend to 6% has been extended for another 60 days. The blend was raised in July to 6% and is expected to rise to 7% in November.  

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Abandoned Florida biodiesel plant may be environmental hazard

In Florida, a survey of the abandoned Clean Fuel Lakeland biodiesel plant has revealed biodiesel, methanol and a host of other chemicals behind, neglected and waiting to cause a problem. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for supervising the facility and says it has already inspected it, finding no hazards.  

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Innovative solid catalysts opening new opportunities in the biodiesel market

In the US, innovative solid catalysts are opening new opportunities in the biodiesel market. Among other advantages, solid catalysts enable the blending of feedstocks to achieve optimal cold-flow properties in the final product at a low raw material cost. According to an AOCS report, “The advantages of solid catalytic processing are simply economic—continuous production at […]

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European Commission may renew anti-dumping tariffs on US biodiesel

In Belgium, the European Commission may renew anti-dumping tariffs it levies against US biodiesel exporters including Cargill and ADM for another five years. Levies include duties to counter subsidies of up to $323 a metric ton and anti-dumping duties of up to $270 per ton. To determine whether or not to renew the duties, the […]

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European biodiesel shying away from rapeseed feedstock

In Europe, biodiesel production from rapeseed will remain at about 5.5 million metric tons, down 20% from the high in 2010 when 6.88 million tons were produced. Overall demand for biodiesel, which represents 80% of the European biofuel market, is also seen stagnating at 12.28 million liters, down 12.7% from the 2011 high.  

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Embrapa Energia to study biodiesel supply chain challenges

In Brazil, Embrapa Bioenergia is going to start a study into the biodiesel supply chain in an effort to identify problems that may lead to quality issues. The analysis will look at the entire life of the biodiesel from the factory to storage, transport and distribution, looking for where degradation, adulteration or contamination may occur. […]

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Indonesian biodiesel producers seeking talks with EU

In Indonesia, consultations between biodiesel producers and the European Union could come as early as July in order to avoid a lengthy case in the EU’s Court of Justice regarding anti-dumping levies placed on Indonesian biodiesel imports.  

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