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Australian biodiesel producer looks to waste fuel oil as feedstock

In Australia, ASHOIL is expanding its biodiesel production business by using waste engine oil as feedstock as well to supplement its waste cooking oil feedstock supply. The company produces 500,000 liters per year but the resources boom means less supplies available from mining camp kitchens.  

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All Your Biodiesel Are Belong To Us: The 10 Top Mistakes in Covering Renewable Fuels

How bad, bent, half-baked, bungled, pettifogged, misconstrued, out-of-date, misleading or agenda-laden can coverage of renewable fuels coverage get? This week, America’s favorite advanced biofuel, biodiesel, gets a hit job. The Digest investigates. In 1994, there were fewer than 1,000 websites. By 2013, there were 672 million. The proliferation of content, results in wildly uneven coverage of renewable fuels, if […]

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Indonesia’s diesel imports fall by a third in large part to biodiesel boost

In Indonesia, increased biodiesel consumption and lower demand from the mining sector means the country will import about a third less diesel than usual this year. Imports have fallen to 3 million to 4 million barrels per month from 5 million to 6 million barrels per month last year.  

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Greenergy’s Immingham biodiesel plant running at 98% efficiency

In the UK, Greenergy has invested £63 million in repairs and upgrades following a tidal surge that devastated its UCO biodiesel facility at the Port of Immingham six months ago. The plant is back up and running at 98% efficiency. Upgrades included installation of a biomass plant and installation of a wastewater treatment process.  

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India’s My Eco Energy opens first biodiesel filling station

In India, My Eco Energy has opened its first filling station in Pune that will supply its UCO biodiesel retailed as Indizel with 500 pumps expected in Maharashtra during the next year. Kolhapur, Noida and Visakhapatnam have been identified as biodiesel production sites. Austria’s Energia will supply the production technology.  

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Carbio’s June production and exports jump on month

In Argentina, Carbio says June biodiesel exports by members soared 20% to 142,171 metric tons thanks to very cheap feedstock prices. Exports through June were up 41% on the year at 521,307 tons. July shipping reports indicated exports of about 228,000 tons. Production during June was up almost 10% at 250,044 ton, which was already […]

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ANP sells 625.7 million liters of biodiesel at auction

In Brazil, ANP sold 625.7 million liters of biodiesel at its most recent auction, 99% of which had the social seal. The fuel sold valued at about $530.24 million. The auction that began on Aug. 8 saw 41 producers participate. Since July 1, the biodiesel blend has been set at 6%.  

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LiquidNRG figures out business model to get UK consumers cheaper biodiesel

In the UK, LiquidNRG has set up a business model that allows people to “produce their own biodiesel” at GBP1 per liter, compared to GBP1.35 at the pump, thanks to national regulations that allow people to produce up to 2,500 liters of biodiesel tax free every year. People use the facilities provided by LiquidNRG at […]

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MPIC to invest $16 million in biodiesel and power project in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Metro Pacific Investments Corporation plans to invest $16 million in a facility that will produce 10,000 liters of biodiesel per day along with 2MW of electricity that will later ramp up to 6MW. Construction on the facility is set to begin in the next three months. It is thought the pyrolosis technology […]

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Boho factor continues to fall, making biodiesel blending more attractive

In Chicago, falling biodiesel feedstock prices are weighing on the biodiesel blending factor—boho—bringing them to seven-month lows at negative 30.85 cents/gal on Friday. These low costs should increase demand for blending. The boho factor has fallen nearly 20 cents in the past month thanks to expectations of a bumper soybean crop. Soybean oil makes up […]

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