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Indonesia’s move to support biodiesel backfires on non-subsidized fuel sales

In Indonesia, the government is trying to lower the amount of subsidized fuel consumed in the country but its move to mandate biodiesel blending has actually had the reverse effect. Consumption of non-subsidized fuel actually fell by 3 billion liters during 2013 from the previous year. Subsidies were introduced to off-set the fuel prices when […]

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Spanish drug kingpin laundered money through foreign biodiesel companies

In Spain, one of the country’s top drug traffickers known as Casper allegedly laundered upwards of 40,000 euros by investing in a biodiesel facility in Ukraine and another half million euros in a similar project in Cameroon by way of at least two separate companies. Casper is facing 105.5 years in prison for his crimes.

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Argentina may drop biodiesel taxes until EU lifts anti-dumping duties

In Argentina, the country’s president has asked its Congress to drop the 22% tax on biodiesel for power generation and the 19% levy on liquid fuels, a policy that would stay in place as long as the European Commission continues to levy anti-dumping duties on Argentine biodiesel imports.

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Incbio delivers 8,000MT per year biodiesel plant to Tunisia

In Portugal, Incbio has delivered an 8,000MT per year biodiesel plant to Biokast Energy S.A., to be installed in Tunis, Tunisia. Due to its skidded construction, the plant is fully built previous to shipping, and requires minimal assembly on site, taking usually less than a week from arrival to start up. This minimizes installation costs and […]

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Aviation biofuel, biodiesel and heating oil may be viable at CT airport

In Connecticut, a study funded by the USDA shows that it may be viable to produce aviation biofuel, biodiesel and heating oil from municipal waste and biomass around Bradley International Airport. The year-long study started in June and will now look to developing a business plan after all the data has been gathered.

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Brazilian biodiesel producers supply 463.8 million liters at ANP auction

In Brazil, the ANP’s bimonthly biodiesel auction held on Friday saw 463.8 million liters sold to supply the country’s B5 blending mandate. A total of 735.2 million liters were offered at auction with more than 98% of it complying with the social seal standard even though only a minimum of 80% of the volume had […]

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UK announces rules for small-scale biodiesel producers

In the UK, the Environmental Agency has released rules that will allow an operator to operate a Part A low impact installation for the production of biodiesel at a specified location. Permitted raw materials and wastes are limited to new and waste vegetable oils and rendered animal fat. The total quantity of raw materials and […]

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IncBio to supply 55,000 MT biodiesel plant to South America

In Portugal, IncBio has just secured an agreement to supply a 55,000 MT/year transesterification plant, for an undisclosed client in South America. It will incorporate IncBio’s ultrasonic technology to produce Biodiesel from locally produced palm oil, and Ion Exchange resin towers for purification. IncBio expects the plant to be complete by December 2014.

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Argentine biodiesel industry says export tax too high

In Argentina, the biodiesel industry says that the export tax that hit 27.6% in March is too high and is hurting their business. Carbio says the industry is currently producing at 60% capacity due to the EU’s anti-dumping tariff and the high export tax. Carbio says the country has claimed damages in excess of $1 […]

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Indonesian biodiesel producers not suffering from new export tax

In Indonesia, most biodiesel exporters say that the new 2% export tax hasn’t had a negative effect on their trade, especially has less than half of the 14 domestic producers export. Apparently the tax was foreseen and already priced into April cargoes, prices that are even $20 per ton cheaper than in March basis FOB. […]

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