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Brazilian hydrous ethanol prices rise as buyers build up stocks

In Brazil, hydrous ethanol prices are strengthening thanks to large purchases of spot volumes. Higher ethanol prices are expected later in the year, so suppliers are starting to build up stocks. Gasoline prices are also expected to rise 5.5% between October and November following the presidential election. When gasoline prices were increased in November 2013, […]

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Brazilian ethanol industry supporting new socialist presidential candidate

In Brazil, the ethanol industry is standing behind Marina Silva, former environmental minister under former president da Silva and the expected vice-presidential pick from the socialist party’s candidate who was killed Aug. 13 in a plane crash. He had supported better pricing for ethanol and bagasse-based electricity, policies Silva is expected to continue supporting.

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ANP sells 625.7 million liters of biodiesel at auction

In Brazil, ANP sold 625.7 million liters of biodiesel at its most recent auction, 99% of which had the social seal. The fuel sold valued at about $530.24 million. The auction that began on Aug. 8 saw 41 producers participate. Since July 1, the biodiesel blend has been set at 6%.  

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Ethanol production slipped in Brazil due to rains during H2 July

In Brazil, ethanol production slipped during the second half of July due to rains that slowed down the cane harvest. Production reached 1.6 billion liters during the period, down from 1.9 billion liters during the same period last year and down from 1.8 billion liters produced during the first half of the month. Ethanol production […]

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Bunge buys out Itochu’s 20% JV holding in Brazilian sugar mills

In Brazil, Bunge will buy out Itochu’s 20% share of their sugarcane joint venture, leaving Bunge with 100% ownership of the two mills. Itochu is backing out because it sees an uncertain future for the profitability of the mills. Bunge is also potentially divesting its sugarcane holdings in the country for similar reasons.  

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Brazilian presidential candidates support ethanol in different ways

In Brazil, a debate on agribusiness was hosted for the top three presidential candidates where the incumbent blamed the 2008 financial crisis for a lack of support for farmers. She said sugarcane producers must become more competitive in the face of increasingly cheap corn ethanol from the US, while opponent Aécio Neves said the industry […]

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Brazil’s House of Representatives OKs boosting ethanol and biodiesel blends

In Brazil, the House of Representatives has approved the increase of ethanol blending to 27.5% as well raising the biodiesel blend to 7% by Nov. 1. The measure now moves on to the Senate for final approval. The president has also said that the government may consider additional tax incentives for the ethanol industry.  

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Brazil undertakes first steps in making B7 mandate permanent

In Brazil, the national congress will begin deliberating this week whether or not to extend the president’s executive order this year to boost the biodiesel blend to 7%. The executive order had a 60-day sunset period but was extended by the president of the congress until September. Now the mixed group of congressional deputies must […]

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ANP allows Brazilian poultry giant to export biodiesel

In Brazil, the ANP has granted permission for the world’s largest poultry processor JBS to export biodiesel and fuel derivatives. The company is expanding and just announced it will buy the poultry businesses in Mexico and Brazil from Tyson Foods.  

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Syngenta will license with New Energy Farms to broaden PLENE platform

In Brazil, Syngenta has announced plans to broaden and scale up its PLENE® platform of integrated sugar cane solutions. Through an exclusive licensing agreement with New Energy Farms, Syngenta will access an innovative planting system for sugar cane in Brazil: CEEDS™ (Crop Expansion Encapsulation and Drilling System). The CEEDS™ technology enables the realization of PLENE […]

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