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Bumper Brazilian corn crop facilitates boost to ethanol production

In Brazil, a bumper corn crop is weighing on prices but that downward trend is making the crop more profitable as a feedstock for ethanol. Usimat, which uses corn to produce ethanol during the sugarcane inter-harvest period, expects to produce 100,000 metric tons of ethanol from corn this next period due to low corn prices, […]

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Copersucar sees ethanol demand jumping if gasoline price cap lifted

In Brazil, Copersucar says that ethanol demand could jump by 2.11 billion gallons a year if the government eliminated the price cap on gasoline. Analysts estimate Petrobras is discounting gasoline prices by up to 15% compared to international prices. Boosting the ethanol blend in gasoline to 27.5% from the current 25% would increase demand by […]

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Petrobras teams with Embrapa to develop temperate cane for ethanol in south

In Brazil, Petrobras is teaming with Embrapa to develop sugarcane varieties that will be successful in temperate climates, especially in Rio Grande do Sul state with the aim of producing ethanol there. Currently that state imports 100% of its ethanol consumption from other states.  

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Brazil extends temporary biodiesel blend increase another 60 days

In Brazil, the provisional increase of the biodiesel blend to 6% has been extended for another 60 days. The blend was raised in July to 6% and is expected to rise to 7% in November.  

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Brazilian ethanol production soars on dry weather

In Brazil, ethanol production during the last two weeks of June were up 46.3% on the year at 1.89 billion liters. The major jump was a result of better weather that was more conducive to harvest compared to a very rainy June 2013. The dry weather, however, is having a negative impact on sugar content […]

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Embrapa Energia to study biodiesel supply chain challenges

In Brazil, Embrapa Bioenergia is going to start a study into the biodiesel supply chain in an effort to identify problems that may lead to quality issues. The analysis will look at the entire life of the biodiesel from the factory to storage, transport and distribution, looking for where degradation, adulteration or contamination may occur. […]

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Brazil exports 6.7 million liters of tallow biodiesel to Europe

In Brazil, food processing giant JBS has exported a total of 6.7 million liters of tallow-based biodiesel to Dutch fuel blender Argos Energies at an undisclosed price, though Platts reported that it was likely at a discount to soy-based Brazilian biodiesel prices. About 20% of the country’s biodiesel production comes from tallow, which is double […]

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Domestic blends seen boosting biodiesel production in Brazil and Argentina

In Brazil and Argentina, biodiesel production is expected to rise following increases in domestic blending mandates. Oil World estimates that Brazilian production will reach 3.1 million metric tons this year, up from 2.56 million tons last year thanks to a 6% blending mandate beginning in July. Installed capacity is currently 6.2 million tons. Argentina’s production […]

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Brazilian ethanol production up 14% during first half of June

In Brazil, ethanol production was up 14% during the first half of June at 1.72 billion liters. Dry weather has facilitated the harvest but harmed the development of cane, forcing some mills to slow down production so as not to harvest cane before it’s mature. Of the total, hydrous ethanol accounted for 921.4 million liters. […]

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New study looks at high carbon costs of converting Brazilian savannah

In Brazil, the demand for alternative energy sources has led to an increase in biofuel crops. A new “News and Views” paper in Nature Climate Change, co-authored by Woods Hole Research Center scientists Marcia Macedo and Eric Davidson, reviews new research conducted by Brazilian colleagues demonstrating the high carbon costs of converting intact Brazilian savanna […]

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