TerViva and Mason & Morse Farmland partner for pongamia tree projects

July 20, 2012 |

In California and Florida, TerViva and Mason & Morse Farmland are partnering to develop pongamia tree projects.  The pongamia tree is native to Australia and India, and yields a nut crop harvestable with conventional shakers.  The seed produced by the tree has a 40% oil content that can be easily refined into a very high-grade biodiesel, bio-jet fuel, or even other high-demand bio-chemicals like oleic acid.

The remaining seedcake can then be used as a high-protein animal feed or a high-nitrogen fertilizer.  TerViva is eyeing Florida’s thousands of acres of abandoned Florida citrus land as potential areas for their turnkey program in which they supply the trees and secure the off-take at harvest, with two citrus growers in Florida who are available to act as to project operators for planting, maintenance, and harvesting. Mason & Morse Farmland Group will source the Florida land for investors interested in a diversification like this.


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