Alliance BioEnergy Plus says first commercial cellulosic fuels plant will be open in summer 2016

August 16, 2015 |

In Florida, Alliance BioEnergy Plus has completed its FEL 1, the first of four engineering stages that are required to complete construction of the first commercial CTS plant to be located in central Georgia and expected to break ground this fall.  The CTS technology is able to produce Sugars, Various Fine Chemicals, Plastics, Carbon Fibers from plant material, wood or paper by product, fruit casings or bio-waste.

The Company anticipates that its central Georgia licensee, RRDA, will break ground on the first commercial plant in the Q4 2015 and be ready for operations sometime in early summer of 2016.

Once the critical Process Engineering (FEL 1 & 2) is complete in Q4 2015 and the focus turns to local site prep the Company can start to collect on its signed $25 million territory license agreement and would expect to start collecting royalties form multiple licensees by mid summer 2016.

The engineering process for building a plant, that can convert a 1,000 mt a day of cellulose biomass, using the CTS patented system is a four-stage process; Front-End-Loading known as FEL 1 thru 3 and Detail.  FEL 1, which is now complete, focused on magnitude.  This includes the general layout of the plant, project scope, design and execution strategy, as well as capacity, raw material handling and storage needs.

FEL 1 also started to look at major equipment size and sources, local civil engineering requirements and local utilities and infrastructure.  FEL 2, which is now underway, starts to get much more specific on these and many other components of the build including; site specific needs, PFD’s with heat and material balances as well as product purity, piping and electrical layouts.  FEL 2 is expected to be complete in early Q4 2015.

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