GBEP works with ECREEE to further sustainable bioenergy uptake in Western Africa

June 29, 2017 |

In Ghana, ECREEE collaborated with the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) and hosted the 5th GBEP Bioenergy Week in the ECOWAS region in Accra, Ghana (5th ECOWAS/GBEP Bioenergy Week) to provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience with the ECOWAS member states and the global community in sustainable bioenergy service delivery for increasing energy access while ensuring food security.

Specifically, the event aimed, amongst others, to:

  • Present the state of the ECOWAS Bioenergy situation and efforts to improve energy access by augmenting the regional energy mix with bioenergy;
  • Present the ECOWAS Bioenergy Policy and its role and benefits in achieving the ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Goals while enhancing food security;
  • Share the food-energy-water nexus that preserves the environment while enhancing food and energy security;
  • Discuss successful, replicable bioenergy systems that provide sustainable energy services for cooking, heating and power generation; and
  • Showcase available financial instruments of partners and investment firms.

Access to modern energy services and food security are the key challenges in the ECOWAS region. Sustainable value chains that integrate food and bioenergy production are an important means of transforming these challenges into opportunities for the region, to expand modern bioenergy access and increase food security, whilst improving health and livelihoods and conserving biodiversity. A special focus was put on bioenergy production from biogas in the region and a SWOT analysis was carried out in order to inform the future Activity Group of GBEP on Biogas.

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