Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. and ICM team on marketing ZEBREX to US fuel ethanol industry

February 26, 2018 |

In Kansas, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. and ICM Inc. recently announced a strategic marketing collaboration to provide ZEBREX to the fuel ethanol industry in the United States. ZEBREX  will improve production capacity and reduce energy costs through the use of proven state-of-the-art zeolite membrane dehydration technology.  MCC and ICM including Matheson Tri-Gas Inc., who has been MCC’s ZEBREX marketing partner in the U.S., will collaborate to market, engineer and provide turnkey solutions for ZEBREX within the United States.

ZEBREX has been successfully proven at over 70 plants outside the United States and offers more than 10 years of operational experience in bioethanol plants. ZEBREX is specifically designed for ease of use, energy efficiency, and has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional pressure swing adsorption or organic membranes.

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