Israeli marine start-up creates next-gen platform for customizing microalgae on demand

April 27, 2020 |

In Israel, marine ingredient start-up, Yemoja, Ltd., has created a next-gen platform for cultivating customized, pharmaceutical grade microalgae on demand. The company utilizes a unique, high-precision fast-track photobioreactor technology, setting a new gold standard for microalgae production.

Yemoja-cultivated microalgae can be tailored to desired nutritional compounds and functionalities. The start-up can produce algae-centered ingredients standardized to any bioactive compound or algae extract encompassing fucoxanthins, polysaccharides, xanthophylls, carotenoids, enzymes, and more.

Yemoja’s super-intensive cultivation methodology overcomes many of the industry’s hurdles, specifically compositional homogeneity, scalability, and contamination proofing, and ensures clean, safe microalgae throughout the process.

The start-up operates an indoor, high-precision, contaminant-free closed cultivation system that maintains absolute control of key parameters such as temperature, pH, light, and CO2 emissions, and allows for the simultaneous growth of multiple species in a very tightly controlled environment. This ensures consistent supply of highly standardized specialty ingredients and offers new capabilities to meet the specific needs of suppliers.

Yemoja is currently moving into Round B funding. It already has raised US$4 million in seed funds and investments from the Israel Innovation Authority.

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