Yield10 Bioscience signs research agreement with GDM to evaluate new yield traits in soybean

August 16, 2020 |

In Massachusetts, Yield10 Bioscience, Inc., an agricultural bioscience company, signed a three-year non-exclusive research agreement with GDM, a company specialized in plant genetics based in Gibson City, Illinois to evaluate novel yield traits in soybean.

Under the agreement, GDM plans to work with Yield10 yield traits within its research and development program for soybean as a strategy to improve soybean yield performance and sustainability.  The research agreement includes three novel crop yield traits in the first phase with the potential to expand the program to more traits in the future. In greenhouse and/or field tests performed by Yield10 to date, these novel traits have shown a range of promising activities relevant to soybean such as improved vigor, increased photosynthesis and/or increased seed yield.

Both Yield10 and GDM intend to explore forming a broader collaboration to leverage Yield10’s GRAIN trait gene discovery platform and GDM’s rapid trait editing capabilities in elite varieties for the discovery, development and launch of novel soybean performance traits.


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