Neste refutes report claiming sustainability violations in its palm oil supply chain

November 9, 2020 |

In Finland, a study report produced by Profundo, commissioned by Milieudefensie, was published on November 5, 2020 claiming that Neste’s raw material suppliers have been involved in serious sustainability violations, such as deforestation, fires, peat destruction, community and labor rights violations.

Neste welcomes all efforts to monitor its raw material supply chains to ensure unwavering commitment to sustainability. Sustainably produced renewable raw materials are needed to replace fossil oil use and to effectively combat climate change.

“Neste has not yet been able to thoroughly familiarize itself with the report in question; hence we cannot comment on its specific claims. Based on our quick review, however, it seems that the report highlights some cases that have already been investigated and closed as the companies were not found to have been involved in the claimed actions,” said Neste in a statement.
“The report also introduces some claims concerning our suppliers that are new to us. We will familiarize ourselves with the claims and start investigating those cases further. We will transparently publish information about the cases we are investigating or actively monitoring,” it said.

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