Irish researchers redefine distilling methodology improving sustainability

February 16, 2021 |

In Ireland, a consortium led by researchers based in the School of Biotechnology at Dublin City University continues to redefine the methodology employed in the distilling industry, towards improving sustainability in the workflows which are commonplace in distilleries the world over. 

Researchers have recently published several works in this area in which they have developed new thermochemical pre-treatments towards the lignocellulosic structure of the biomass produced as part of the distilling process; namely, a waste material known as pot ale which is typically disposed of at landfills throughout the country, but which has also been shown to negatively impact on the environment in polluting not only the air, but the ground also. 

A key aspect of these methodologies emerging from the School of Biotechnology is not only how they allow industry to now reduce the environmental impact of production of pot ale upon the environment, but capitalize on exploiting its chemical and physical properties as a substrate towards the production a clean, green energy in the process. 

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