Maersk successfully trials 15% HVO in tender while supporting The Ocean Cleanup

September 30, 2021 |

In Denmark, a Maersk tender completed a successful trial in partnership with The Ocean Cleanup, blending biofuel into the marine fuel to reduce CO2 emissions during her recent charter in the Pacific.

 In May 2021, Maersk Supply Service decided together with The Ocean Cleanup to run a trial program, in which they would blend biofuel into the marine gasoil on one of the vessels. Maersk Tender was selected as the guinea pig vessel, on a plastic-collecting charter operating out of Victoria starting in July 2021, also with The Ocean Cleanup.

Maersk Supply Service and The Ocean Cleanup partnered to purchase 90MT HVO biofuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), with the mixing rate set at 15% HVO and 85% Low Sulfur MGO (Marine Gas Oil). At this rate and with current fuel efficiency, the HVO was able to cover 2 separate 6-week trips, with a total saving of 38.95 MT CO2.

The savings were approximately 90% CO2 on the emissions from the HVO itself – that is, 13.5% of the total.

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