Stanlow Terminals upgrades three biofuel tanks to support E10 mandate

October 6, 2021 |

In the UK, Tank Storage Magazine reports Stanlow Terminals has invested $678,680 in re-lining three of its biofuel tanks with a new coating system to extend their longevity for a customer, in part to help with the roll out of the new E10 mandate. From a storage and logistics perspective, this has resulted in increased demand for Ethanol storage to ensure supply can keep up with consumer demand. These tanks require specialist linings to avoid corrosion and to manage HSSE requirements.

Stanlow Terminals has been working with coatings specialists to develop a suite of linings now being deployed, for multiple biofuel components to re-life existing infrastructure for these new greener fuels. This allows the repurposing of currently unused infrastructure originally built to handle products like fuel oil, a fuel supply in decline.

The upgrades will allow for more kinds of biofuels to be stored, blended or on its own. 

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