British Columbia files LCFS overhaul, new low-carbon fuel requirements

May 15, 2022 |

In Canada, Argus Media reports that British Columbia is proposing new low-carbon fuel requirements for marine and aviation fuel and expanding the activities that can generate credits under new legislation updating the province’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).

The Canadian province’s government filed legislation a few days ago that would replace the original 14-year-old enabling legislation for the program, broadening the scope of both credit and deficit generation as well as who may participate in the program.

The new legislation would replace a bill passed in 2008 and allow for regulations expanding the program. Proposed changes include requiring reductions to the carbon intensity of jet fuel and marine fuel, which have been contemplated but not yet attempted in existing North American LCFS programs.

The BC-LCFS would expand to accept credits from direct air capture and other carbon sequestration technologies to spur development within the province. The program would also broaden who may generate credits and the obligations on how they are used.

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