University of Washington to study Washington's forests supply prospects

December 22, 2010 |

In Washington State, the Department of Natural Resources has selected the University of Washington, School of Forest Resources as part of the research team to study the supply prospects of Washington’s working forests. It will be the first study of its type in the nation to examine the economic and environmental aspects of a state’s biomass supply potential.  This is part of DNR’s efforts to ensure that the harvest of biomass for use in clean energy products is done  in a manner that does not harm clean water, forest habitat or species.  The purpose of the study is to support the use of biomass for end products such as gasification, slow and fast pyrolysis, reforming biomass to syngas for further processing into bio-fuel, Fischer-Tropsch processing of syngas to biofuels or other liquids and hydrolysis or fermentation into ethanol, bio-diesel or other energy products, wood pellets for heating and co-firing for use in boilers.

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