DTU researchers combine two technologies to get more biofuel from biomass

July 15, 2020 |

In Denmark, researchers have succeeded in combining two known technologies so that more biofuel can be produced from the same amount of biomass. In the project led by DTU, it is the combination of thermal gasification of biomass and electrolysis that is utilized for the production of biofuel.

An electrolysis cell (solid oxide electrolysis cell, SOEC) developed jointly by DTU and Haldor Topsøe is used for electrolysis. In an SOEC, electricity from e.g. wind turbines is used to split water into its two constituents—oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen can be utilized in a thermal gasification process, where a biomass such as straw is broken down at high temperature. This creates synthesis gas—a mixture of mainly hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. The gas mixture can be used in the production of methanol when the hydrogen produced by the electrolysis is added. Methanol can be used directly as fuel or catalytically upgraded to more familiar fuels used in ships and aircraft.

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