BASF teams with Brazilian biodiesel producer in CBIOs for inputs swap

May 31, 2021 |

In Brazil, in an unprecedented partnership in the agricultural market, BASF and 3tentos developed a new operation model with the issuance of decarbonization credits (CBIOs) in exchange for inputs. For the first time, a barter operation, as this exchange is known, is carried out with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Producer of soy biodiesel since 2014, 3tentos is entitled to decarbonization credits and will transfer them to BASF, in exchange for the supply of agricultural inputs. The two companies already carry out traditional soybean barter operations and now BASF will receive a new currency, the CBIOs.

BASF started to develop this barter model last year, based on the National Biofuels Policy (RenovaBio). The entry into the carbon market, involving “green bonds”, allows the company to meet the needs of customers and encourage activities aimed at the production of renewable energy in the country.

With the negotiation, 3tentos uses the CBIOs to which it is entitled as exchange assets. This new currency values ​​companies that produce renewable energy and contribute to annual decarbonization goals for the fuel sector.

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