Helsinki Citycopter to use 38% SAF blend in first transition phase

May 26, 2022 |

In Finland, Helsinki Citycopter is committed to offering its Scandinavian customers exclusive flights in ACH130s while taking the first steps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions with Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Helsinki Citycopter will start replacing fossil aviation fuel with sustainable aviation fuel at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. In the first phase, the helicopter company will undertake to replace 10% of its annual refueling with an approximate mixture of 38% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and 62% fossil aviation fuel.

Every Airbus helicopter is certified to fly with up to a 50% blend of SAF in the fuel, which allows operators to substantially reduce CO2 emissions while maintaining flight performance completely identical to that of traditional kerosene. While SAF is currently more expensive and harder to source than kerosene, the supply of this biofuel is expected to grow as demand increases, and with it supply chains becoming more efficient.

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