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4 Minutes With…Kyle Teamey, CEO, Liquid Light

Elsewhere in the Digest this morning we make reference to the technologies and markets being explored by Liquid Light — specifically the opportunity to make a molecule with a powerful market such as mono ethylene glycol (MEG) out of waste CO2. Leading the company is Kyle Teamey, who left behind a military career (including a tour of […]

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4 Minutes With… Eric McAfee, Chairman & CEO, Aemetis

Best known as one of the founders of Pacific Ethanol and later the founder of Aemetis — less known for his family’s farms and its Organic Pastures businesses — and as a  mentor to countless young entrepreneurs. Tell us about your organization and it’s role in the Advanced Bioeconomy. Aemetis owns and operates 110 million gallons per year […]

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4 Minutes With…Brent Erickson, Executive Vice President, Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)

Best known as the czar of all things industrial biotech at BIO — less known as a former aide to Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson, and as a distinguished artist. Tell us about your organization and it’s role in the Advanced Bioeconomy. BIO is the world’s largest trade association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology […]

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4 Minutes with…Todd Taylor, Fredrickson & Byron; board member, ABO

Tell us about your company and it’s role in the Advanced Bioeconomy. We help bioeconomy companies get it done. From setting up their company, raising money, protecting IP, building a plant, strategic partnerships, IPO and M&A’s, if a bioeconomy company has a legal need, we can help. Tell us about your role and what you […]

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4 Minutes With…John Kirkwood, Partner, Kreig Devault

Tell us about your company and it’s role in the Advanced Bioeconomy. Krieg Devault became involved in the advanced bioeconomy in the early 2000s when the corn-to-ethanol revolution swept accross the USA. Since then, we have worked on many of the marquee projects in the bio industry including wind, solar, advanced biofuels and renewable chemicals. […]

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4 Minutes with…Marc Verbruggen, CEO, NatureWorks

Tell us about your company and it’s role in the Advanced Bioeconomy. NatureWorks manufactures Ingeo, a bio-plastic (PLA) made from plants, in a large plant in Nebraska.  We sell Ingeo worldwide in a large variety of applications based on the 3P-value principle: Performance + Price competitive + Preference (carbon reduction or safety/health concerns). Tell us […]

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The Biofuels Debt Offensive: New Perspectives, and 5-Minute Guide to the Players in financing at scale

In Part 3 of 3 in our series on commercial-scale financing, we look at the real problems, the new paradigm, the nature of de-risking, the role of strategics. Plus, a 5-Minute Guide to the Major Players in biobased financing at scale. In Part I of our series, we looked at the slowdown in bioenergy financing, […]

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The Complete 2014 5-Minute Guides

The Complete List of Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guides, published to date: Abengoa Bioenergy Algenol Altranex American Process Amyris Applied Biorefinery Sciences Applied Research Associates (ARA) Avantium Avello Bioenergy BASF Beta Renewables BioAmber BP Biofuels Butamax Calysta Energy Cellana Ceres Clariant Cobalt Technologies Cool Planet Coskata Direvo Industrial Biotechnology DSM Bio-based Products & Services DuPont […]

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Liquid Light: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Liquid Light develops electrocatalytic technology to make major chemicals from low-cost, globally abundant carbon dioxide (CO2).  Licensees benefit from a lower cost of production and can reduce their carbon footprint. Liquid Light is funded by BP Ventures, Redpoint, Osage University, VantagePoint and Chrysalix, and now coming out of stealth after six years of developing a […]

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Primus Green Energy: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Primus’ liquid fuel synthesis technology is a proprietary low cost  process to convert syngas to gasoline, jet fuel and aromatic chemicals directly, without the need for further treatment. The result is a highly efficient process, producing approximately 5 gallons of drop-in transportation fuels per mmBTU of natural gas. The process produces drop-in fuels that are ready for […]

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